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At One Stop Caravan Shop, you can book your caravan in for a service or repair, purchase spare parts and accessories, find new options or appliances for your van or even purchase caravan building materials if you want to do it yourself and carry out your own repairs or refurbishment.

We also specialise in Caravan insurance repairs and work closely with all major insurance companies, offering guaranteed quality repairs, so you can rest assured your van will be repaired to the highest standards.


Located at 3 Freight Drive, Somerton, 3062.

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$17.50 inc. GST

AL-KO & Dexter Parts

3/4″ Master Cylinder Cap

$7.50 inc. GST
$24.95 inc. GST
$89.95 inc. GST
$22.95 inc. GST

Caravan Accessories

Aqua Kem Blue 1L

$12.50 inc. GST
$425.00 inc. GST
$379.00 inc. GST